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Is it time to uncover your core values?

Background What is motivating one person to jump into a burning building to save someone else’s life? What is motivating an organisation to ignore the disruptor until it is too late? Or, what is motivating a country to open its borders to global influence? I was reflecting on these questions for a while, particularly in the context of growth and the challenges people face when trying to achieve...

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Organisational culture change is hard work

Background There is a growing acknowledgement of the link between the type of culture that exists in an organisation, the level of personal engagement and the organisation’s overall success. However, only few organisations cracked the secret of how to move their culture and leverage it for strategic advantage. In response to a previous post, I was asked a question about culture. While being a...

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Why would you care about working for a purpose-inspired Organisation?

Researches are showing that purpose-inspired organisations tend to outperform their competitors. It also shows that most organisations’ leaders believe that purpose is important for the long-term success. So what is a purpose-inspired organisation and why would you care about working for one? An organisation purpose is “an aspirational reason for being, which inspires and provides a call to...

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