Adaptive Futures – “By doing nothing we create what is probable. By taking an action we create what is possible.” Hadas.

Why Adaptive Futures

With digitalisation, automation, globalisation, and many more xxions…workplaces are changing faster than ever before. The future is already here but we still develop talents and work in similar ways to last century. I believe that we have to move beyond the hype of Digital Transformation, Agile and other buzzwords. We should focus our attention on enabling a future where we apply technology broadly, alongside human creativity and productivity.

I created Adaptive Futures as a place to share ideas, solutions, and possible futures. It is a place to start answering the question of “what is the future of work”?

Something about me

Since I started my career in the early 90’s, I was drawn into the areas of organisational changes, particularly those that were driven by the advancements in Technology. The impact of the exponential change challenged the ways I thought and acted as a leader at the front of these changes. Being there, I saw first hand how more and more people are being left behind.

I am passionate about people growth, enabling equal opportunities and an equal voice for everyone. I challenge the status quo, always learn, adapt, and act sustainably. Therefore, what I choose to do today is what makes the difference between what is possible and what is probable.  I love investing my energy engaging in conversations, reading thought-provoking books, and sharing my research findings, ideas and possible solutions. But above all, I am energised by teaming up to innovate and solve complex problems for a better future.

Let’s get in touch

I invite you to connect and hopefully partner with the intent to redesign work and embed agility and adaptability into people growth and value creation.

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